Fortune Favors the Brave
Fortune Favors the Brave

Young Adult Historical Fiction

Winner of the 2017 YARWA Rosemary Award for Excellence in Young Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction Category (under a previous title, King’s Deceit)

Rome’s power lies in The Sibylline Books. Safeguard them.

In 509 BCE, the Romans revolt against King Tarquin the Arrogant. He flees to the Etruscan tribes for aid, leaving behind two of the powerful, prophetic Sibylline Books.

Lia supports the Roman rebels, but her father wavers, hoping to find the Sibylline Books and learn their counsel. When he is killed and their ancestral home is endangered, divine signs lead Lia to search in his stead.

But she is not the only one searching.

Seth, an Etruscan noble and Lia’s friend, has cut a deal with Tarquin. Once he finds Tarquin’s treasures and they win the war, the Roman king will give up huge tracts of land, protecting the Etruscans from Roman expansion forever.

Lia and Seth’s opposing missions bring them closer than ever, but will lies and conflicting loyalties tear them apart?