Band Nerd
Clarion Books
Band Nerd

Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Seventh grader Lucy Carver is determined to make first chair flute at Windley School of the Arts, but two things stand in her way: snobby Tolli Claybourne and Lucy’s loving but dysfunctional parents.

At school, Lucy’s life is full of new friends, math struggles, and an epic battle for first chair. At home, Lucy tries to manage her parents’ high academic expectations and the effects of her father’s worsening alcohol addiction. As her home life spirals out of control, Lucy fights for normalcy, trying harder and harder to win first chair. When an accident leaves her unable to play and her mother threatens to withdraw her for poor grades, Lucy faces a choice: sabotage Tolli or give up her dream.

Coming in 2025 from Clarion Books!


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