Band Nerd

Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Perfect for fans of Roller Girl and New Kid comes a heartfelt coming-of-age story about music, family, and friendship wherein twelve-year-old Lucy Carver must navigate life as band nerd in a new school, all while competing for a top flute soloist spot in band. But for Lucy, facing the music means dealing with the problems at home.

Middle school is tough—thank goodness there’s band.

For twelve-year-old Lucy Carver, music isn’t just a way of life, it’s an escape from homework and an off-key home life with her alcoholic father. When Lucy starts seventh grade at Windley School of the Arts, with its high academic standards and even higher artistic expectations, it becomes much harder to keep life in tune.

Determined to be the conductor of her own life, Lucy focuses all her energy on beating snobby Tolli Claybourne for first chair flute. As things spiral out of control with her parents and her schoolwork, Lucy grows desperate for a win. Just when she thinks she’s hitting all the right notes, an accident leaves her unable to play and her mother threatens to withdraw her for poor grades. Now, Lucy must choose: sabotage Tolli or give up on her dream.

Packed with heart, Band Nerd is a poignant coming-of-age story about resilience, family, and using your voice to find harmony even during life’s most discordant moments.

Coming in 2025 from HarperAlley!

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Stage Fright

Middle Grade Graphic Novel

After becoming too sick to perform her flute solo at her end-of-year concert, Tolli Claybourne swears off solos and seafood. She decides to stay out of the limelight all summer, especially at music camp and on a new track team. However, when she shines in spite of her careful plans, Tolli must learn to face her fears to keep her body and mind from sabotaging her dreams.

Coming in 2026 from HarperAlley!

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